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At CanaVox we aim to give the natural-law view of marriage and sexuality a voice. We are here to support parents, young adults and teens as they navigate the many challenges of today’s culture.  

What we do

We equip participants to study about marriage, family, and sexuality through reading groups. CanaVox syllabi features materials based on natural law, social science, and practical wisdom.

Why CanaVox

Our materials foster high-level discussions which result in men, women, parents and teens who can articulate their convictions with truth and compassion using our materials and resources to respond.


Programs We Offer

Reading groups tailored to you

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CanaVox Pro is our main syllabus, especially useful for married or older audiences. The materials in this syllabus showcase the secular arguments and human faces behind hot-topics, helping participants better understand and articulate what’s at stake.

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CanaVox Young Pro is our curriculum for recent college graduates and young professionals, covering topics such as friendship, and gender and identity. The materials are tailored to assist young professionals as they navigate the added complexity of addressing these topics in the workplace.

Young Pro Reading Groups
Varsity Reading Groups
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For college students and graduate students. Discussing content on friendship, dating, the meaning of sex, and gender and identity. The result is young adults who are more likely to live out sexual integrity and less likely to bend to distorted ideologies on campus.

Our CanaVox Junior Varsity (JV) is for middle and high school students. The program engages participants in the study of friendship, marriage, transgender ideology, pornography and more. Teens emerge from JV groups feeling like experts on each topic.

JV Reading Programs on Marriage

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CanaVox JV

CanaVox JV program is here!

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America After Dobbs

America After Dobbs

America After Dobbs: Addressing Misconceptions and Creating a Pro-Woman, Pro-Family Future. 


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