JV Boys Outreach Advisor (PNW)

Lucas loved being raised in a small, blue-collar, Alaskan town! The older he grew, the more he realized it was a Peter Pan-like Neverland that hastened boys through adolescence, yet struggled to graduate complete men. All that stoic, machismo ideology worked well on a boat or a job site, but never amounted to much in the home. Lucas has spent the last 10+ years investing into young men and women – to embrace their potential and to overcome this ideology. Now 13 years into marriage, Lucas and his wife Angela are raising their three daughters on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state, where they mentor incarcerated men, pregnant women, and at-risk youth.

“For the last four years, CanaVox has equipped me to parent more confidently, grow in compassion, and communicate effectively – in a cultural minefield of controversial topics!”

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